Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Why I Use DreamWeaver

When building my website I debated about what Content Management System (CMS) to use. The popular ones of WordPress, Joomla, Wix among many others are user friendly, easy to update and require no knowledge of programing. It seems logical that I would use one of these, but since I had once learned how to use DreamWeaver (back before it was owned by Adobe) I thought I would take pride in building my website up from scratch. I've learned many advantage and disadvantage to using DreamWeaver vs an online CMS.

Advantages:  I have full control over my customization. I can create my buttons in Photoshop with the exact look and feel that I want. I have full control over where things are placed, what size they are and it's easy to split the screen between my design and the code basically "teaching" me HTML as I go.

Disadvantages: Every time I want to update even the smallest change, I have to make the change in my html file on my computer, open up my FTP program, and re-upload the page. Everything needs to be programmed from scratch. Now DreamWeaver has a built in system to code things as you design, but it doesn't have apps at your finger tips for placing social media links, slideshows and other useful easy to use pre-sets found in CMS's based on-line.

Since building my site I have created sites for other companies using WordPress, Joomla and Wix and find it vary intuitive and easy to update, but for some reason I am just too stubborn to switch my own website over. I'm sure I have flaws in my programing, my slideshows would look more polished and I'd probably automatically rank higher in google. But what it really comes down to is taking pride in my work, knowing that what I created, I created from the ground up. For me, doing things my ways is more important than doing things the right way. 


Thursday, May 1, 2014

How to embed a blog into your website

Last week when I was banging my head against the wall trying to get my blog to appear on my website I finally came across a YouTube video clearly explaining how to embed your blog into your website.

Everything else I read said it was a very complicated process of high level coding. While that may be the case, lucky for us web designers with little to know coding knowledge there are websites like RSSInclude that create the java script code for you using your RSS feed from your blog. It was very simple, took only a few minutes, and now it's easy for me to keep fresh content on my website.

The reason you want to keep fresh content on your site is to boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). What this basically means is that google and other search engines rank your site based on the content you have on your page, the amount of interaction you have on your page,  and a whole lot of other criteria. One of the major things the little search engine robots are constantly looking for is fresh content on your page. Having a blog helps you easily post photos and content that people can comment on in the comments sections of your blog which helps to rank your page even higher.

Being ranked number 1 on google's video production list doesn't have to be the main goal. But for Moosey Productions, getting useful information out on the web is an important part of reaching our clients and followers.

Saturday, April 26, 2014